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Feedback from students, past and present as well as parents continue to serve as positive reinforcement for the hard work my students have demonstrated over the years. Here are some of their words...


Daniel C.

Brett Deubner is an absolute pro. He is such an accomplished solo violist with numerous professional accolades and CD’s. Just google him and you can see the breadth of his accomplishments. My daughter has been taking viola lessons with him for the past three years and has reached many new levels. She plays for her high school orchestra and also the NJ Symphony Youth Orchestra. The way he teaches viola artistry and technicality with such clarity makes it easy for any kid to understand. His teaching method is very calm and clear. He is also very personable with a good sense of humor. He truly understands how to be effective in teaching kids. He teaches my daughter in person and also online and she says both are equally effective. His teaching website is His professional website is


Beth C.

Thank you, Danielle! Patrick really liked his lesson. He especially liked your teaching style and taking the time to focus on his form. He is looking forward to his next lesson.

Carolyn F

Brett is a very talented, wonderful teacher who is genuinely passionate about music and helping others. My boys enjoy working with him, and after each lesson they are excited to practice in anticipation for the next lesson. Brett is incredibly approachable, and patient with each child at their level as he teaches music in a fun way with impressive communication skills for both the boys and myself.

Fung H

Brett is a wonderful colleague who offers first rate lessons. Without a doubt, his professionalism puts him as one of the top teachers in demand.

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